Sandy Springs City Council | District 

Michelle is a Leader

Michelle’s extensive 16 year career as an entrepreneur, business owner, and consultant in Early Childhood  Education has given her the tools to accomplish the necessary tasks as a member of the City Council, including: the ability to implement business systems, develop policies and procedures, conduct quality assurance, make damage assessment and provide high levels of customer service.

Michelle’s leadership skills have given her a reputation among her colleagues, family and friends as loving to help people, always sharing information and knowing how to do things.  Many of her colleagues, family and friends have called on her for information concerning business practices.  Michelle has been very instrumental in helping local businesses, self-employed and unemployed navigate the process for state and federal government programs. Her ability to understand and implement business processes has been essential to her success in managing a business. 

Michelle’s goal of having a seat on the city council is the need to help maintain the value of Sandy Springs.  When she and her husband moved from Atlanta, where she was born and raised, to the Sandy Springs neighborhood in District 4, they did so because they wanted that suburban feel with a city vibe.  Her focus now is making sure it stays that way.