VOTE November 2nd

Sandy Springs City Council District 4


Michelle Sullivan is running for a seat on the Sandy Springs City Council, District 4 because she believes that community members should be able to give the pros and cons, on whatever growth its leaders are looking to develop the neighborhood. Residents, she says, should have a voice in building their own neighborhoods.

Michelle believes in:

  • Economic Growth
  • Livable Wages
  • Traffic Control
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Community Recreational


Michelle seeks a seat on the City Council because she desires to help maintain the quality of life in Sandy Springs. Above all else, Michelle believes success comes from having integrity, professionalism and always doing right by people. Michelle approaches everything she does, with a spirit of excellence.


Being a Sandy Springs City Council Member will enable Michelle to empower her district to have control over what’s happening in their community. 


We at Fair Fight are so thrilled to be endorsing the Michelle for Sandy Springs City Council campaign. You all have been stalwart supporters in protecting the right to vote of all Georgians.